Precisely aligned lines; a focused view on details; image compositions that highlight the hard work of architects and interior designers; the optimal presentation of the final result after months or even years of invested effort - when architects, hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, museums, or private clients work with me, they can expect all of this, plus my cheerful disposition (because I know all too well that construction sites already test one's patience enough).

Clemonte Boutique HotelOpen project

Hotel GalánthaOpen project

Refugium LunzOpen project

Hotel GilbertOpen project

Wohnung BOpen project

Ruby HotelsOpen project

Ruby WorkspacesOpen project

The Naked IndigoOpen project

Villy FloraOpen project

Villa IvyOpen project

Schani HotelsOpen project

Museum OrtnerOpen project

The MaximilianOpen project

Project LayoutOpen project


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