By chance a mobile phone rang while lying on photo paper in the development chamber. The photo paper got developed and surprisingly showed the ghost-like character of the blinking and vibrating mobile phone. At that time (2003), in the beginning of mobile phones, those devices had colored LCD displays and back-lit keys. The various makes therefore created different looking photograms. These analog, almost living shapes hover above the paper, as if they were creatures of a different planet. Various associations come to mind. At the time, when these photograms were created, nobody knew the impact of this work since the future of mobile phone technology was yet to be defined. Looking at the photograms today they are an artefact and a trace of the dinosaurs of the mobile phone industry. If you put a modern touchscreen display on a sheet of photo paper, would the print look similar? These prints are made off of the original one-off artworks. 
(Original text in German by Christoph Fuchs)

Created in collaboration with Christoph Fuchs in 2003. The original photograms are part of Sammlung Spallart. In the year 2020 five replicas of each motif were created.


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