Niel Mazhar is dedicated to reviving traditional carpet craftsmanship from Egypt with a new design language, while also considering the individual preferences of consumers. So I employed all my areas of expertise for him and his wonderful products: interior-, product- and studio-photography, and a touch of portrait- and lifestyle-photography – all for a unique project.


Client: nilo kilim
Location: oneotwo Studio

What makes a Nilo Kilim special is that customers can customize their kilim to their liking using a configurator in the webshop. To illustrate this, I shot some 'flip images,' as I like to call them.

The location was specifically proposed by me for this photoshoot. I fully utilized its quality as a well-lit natural light studio. This requires flexibility to ensure that the sunny day is truly available. It also calls for precise planning with the client so that I can utilize the right lighting for each subject depending on the sun's position. The comprehensive and well-structured plan that Niel and I created enabled us to shoot all rugs as planned, take a well-deserved and relaxed lunch break, and produce a few spontaneous shots on top.


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