What to do: You're opening a hotel with a fantastic country kitchen soon. However, the hotel is not yet completed for photography. At the same time, you urgently need photos. You are the Refugium Lunz, and you give me a call.

*) By now the hotel is finished of course – and I've also photographed a lot on-site.

Cliebnt: Refugium Lunz
Location: Formdepot Wien
Styling: Verena Stummer

And when your timeframe is very narrow to get everything done? You also call me, because getting the most out of a shooting day is my favorite challenge. And because I like to save time on location, I test my light set ups in advance with 3D simulation.


top: the final photo / bottom: the simulation

Thank you Fanny & Christian – for the most beautiful motifs and the best catering – in that exact order.


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